Voice of mumbai

Aim of this website Site - To give platform for voters of Mumbai to display their opinions and demands publicly, in a citizen-verifiable manner to increase possibility of getting their common problems solved

Read the FULL text below to find out how.....

1. Duty of Voter to display publicly, Citizen-verifiable instructions for their MP etc. public servants along with their Voter number

If an employer does not give any instructions to his employee, whose fault is it ? Fault of employer or fault of employee ?

Answer is obvious. If the employer does not give instructions and the employee did work on his own, the employee cannot be blamed. But if the employer gave full instructions and if the employee did not follow them properly even though the instructions could be followed, the employee can be blamed.

Similarly, if majority of the Citizen-voters of an area did not display publicly appropriate instructions for their MP, MLAs, Corporators etc., representatives with their Voter number, then citizens are to be blamed and not the representatives.

If the majority Citizens displayed the instructions on internet along with their Voter number via SMS, twitter or on a plain paper or on excel sheet, in a citizen-verifiable manner and those instructions can be followed and still the representative did not execute those instructions nor gave any reason why those instructions should not be carried out, the representative will be exposed in public with proof.

After choosing our representatives, majority citizen-voters should also give appropriate instructions to representatives / officials of their area so that the representatives are able to work properly and to solve the problems of the voters of their area. So, we are starting a campaign of citizen-voters of Mumbai sending sms-orders to MP, MLA etc. public servants and have registered some pro-common solutions by their sms codes also to be sent by a voter by sms to our website as proof of the demand to the public servant.

Those who are not voters of Mumbai, please use smstoneta.com to support citizen-verifiable pro-common procedures. Other activists can also start similar systems for voters of their districts.

Support or oppose opinions of citizens will be displayed on website along with the Voter ID numbers of the citizens. Anyone can find address of a sample of the voter ID numbers, contact them and himself/herself cross-verify whether the data is true or false, meaning the Voter ID number internet data generated by the citizens sending SMS-es is CITIZEN-VERIFIABLE. (See this link for list of registered SMS-codes - mumbaichaawaz.com/showissue.php)

Those who have do not have voter number can still see demo of a honest system by just sending code-sms. Unregistered opinions are shown at this link (where opinion is shown with sender`s last 5 numbers of mobile) and registered opinions at this link.

If in an area, sufficient number of citizens publicly display and prove their support on internet via Voter ID number and demand from their Public servants, this procedure will come in that area and crime and corruption etc. will reduce in that area.

2. Why Mumbai citizen-voters need this system desperately?

Biggest flaw in present Indian administration is that citizens do not have any citizen-verifiable method to put their clear-cut demand in a collective manner.

If elite want to put their views before public, then they can do it easily via their connections in media but if public wants to put their demands in front of the administration, then they are forced to use unorganized methods like Anshan-dharna, signature campaign, memorandum, blocking roadways, sloganeering etc. But all these methods do not generate any citizen-verifiable proof, meaning there is no proof of support or oppose counts for a specific issue which other citizens can themselves contact and cross-verify. Since these methods are not citizen-verifiable, these methods are not reliable and citizens or officials cannot make any definite conclusions based on these. While honest officials are unable to work according to what the citizen-voters want, dishonest officials easily escape by saying that `The support signatures etc. are not authentic.` or `We will look into matter. Right now, we are working on very important issues.`

3. All Citizens should make a common demand for a Voter number / Address Public Opinion server from their favorite neta or Public Servant as it helps promote all issues

Besides sending instructions for your favorite demand via SMS/twitter, also send sms/twitter-instruction along with your Voter number demanding that the public mobile of your MP or public servant or an election candidate in your area or your favorite neta be linked to their website, so that all public opinion sent to the public servant via sms can be seen and verified by all. Also mention in the sms/twitter-instruction that it will take only a few days for the public servant to set up such a public sms server, failing which you will not vote for them or their party.

A prominent SAFEGUARD FOR CITIZENS feature of this system is that it is immune to money buyout, media power and gangster power since the citizen is empowered to change anyday his/her opinion. This Public Opinion Counts displaying system can also be printed in gazette and in that case is also known as proposed Transparent Complaint-Proposal (TCP) Media Portal.

By making this common demand, we all citizens can come on a common platform and unite. Just, citizens have to send 2 SMS-es. To find out how to send the SMS-es and where to send the SMS-es, please continue reading here.