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Registered issues with their short codes for sms with their support/oppose details from unregistered mobile

- Below each issue heading is written the SMS-code for supporting the issue (code ending with Y ; Note that there is a space before Y) and the SMS-code for opposing the issue (code ending with N ; Note that there is a space before N) which can be sent to this site (09112028108) after registering with the site.  See More...

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1. Transparent Complain Procedure (Life-saving ; Citizen-Verifiable) -
SMS-code for Support :   TCP Y
Numerical Support code :   0011
SMS-code for Oppose :   TCP N
Numerical Oppose code :   0012
This is a 3 line life-saving procedure which acts as mother of all democratic procedures. This law generates data along with voterID and this data is CITIZEN-VERIFIABLE. This law can give ultimate power to common citizens and reduce corruption and poverty in just 4 months. For details, how this law saves lives and reduces corruption, poverty etc. and what sms to be sent to MP to pass this law immediately, see -
  Category   :   Right To Recall
SMS-code for Support : TCP Y
Counts for Support : 1
SMS-code for Oppose : TCP N
Counts for Oppose : 0

2. Demand from Municipal commissinoer of Mumbai for transparent Website to improve roads in Mumbai -
SMS-code for Support :   ROADMUM Y
Numerical Support code :   0021
SMS-code for Oppose :   ROADMUM N
Numerical Oppose code :   0022
We, the residents of Mumbai, demand from the Commissioner of Mumbai to make a website and put the following details regarding the construction and repair of roads in Mumbai so that citizens can keep watch on the quality of roads -
1. Contract bids and Contractors info : Contracts were given on what basis to whom along with name of deciding officer
2. Counter Pad info of all Cheque-books issued for government expenditure ? name of officer who passed the expenditure
3. Past Contracts -- Contracts and expenditures from previous fiscal years must be included on the website according to previously told details.
4. More powerful searches: Tracking Contractor specific payments made easier for residents so they can now easily search for the Contractor?s location, the month the payment was awarded, which officer passed the payment or inspected the materials used in road construction or easily distinguish grants from contracts.
5. Detailed Report of inspection of sample of materials used in the road ? name of officers who conducted the inspection
  Category   :   Roads
SMS-code for Support : ROADMUM Y
Counts for Support : 1
SMS-code for Oppose : ROADMUM N
Counts for Oppose : 0

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