Public Opinion On Registered URLs, verifiable by any citizen

Disclaimer -
If any person claims that their sms-opinion shown was not sent by them, then they should immediately contact the admin at [email protected] and inform about this.

Also, they can themselves remove their displayed sms from the below data by sending cancellation code-sms for an issue. The cancellation code-sms for an issue can be obtained by suffixing the URL with `*c` or the last numerical of the numerical code to be replaced by `0` .
For example, for a registered url - having URLid as 001, the alphabetic cancel SMS-code will be*c and numerical cancel SMS-code will be 001*0

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OPPOSE for URL :- https://www.faXXX (URL ID = 003)
Voter ID Date Time URL Code (fully seen if reg support>5) Name State District Assembly