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Proposal for life-saving procedure, citizen-verifiable procedure called TCP (Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure) Media Portal

Dear All,

We urgently need a life-saving procedure, citizen-verifiable procedure called TCP (Transparent Complaint-Proposal Procedure)

This law of only three lines will save life of witnesses and whistleblower activists, reduce corruption, poverty, illiteracy, inflation, unemployment etc. problems in few months and will help in establish a true democracy in the country (For details, how this procedure will save lives etc., please read further)

Those who want TCP, send following order to your MP / MLA via SMS or twitter to get it immediately passed ---

"Please promote via your website, private member bill etc. draft in this link - tinyurl.com/TeenLineKanoon and get it printed in gazette.Or will not vote for you / your party. Please setup a server like smstoneta.com so that SMS-opinions of citizens along with their voter IDs are seen by all, without any need to login"

Besides sending your MP/MLA above mentioned SMS, also display proof of your opinion along with voter id by sending 2 SMS-es to already existing public sms server.

If you want that citizens should have the option, that if he/she wishes, then they can visit the specified government office, submit the application on a Rs.20 per page affidavit and get it scanned onto PM, CM or any specified website, so that all can see the affidavit along with citizen`s voter ID number, without logging-in and other citizens can put their yes/no at Patwari office or other specified government office and citizens can change their opinion anyday, then please SMS 0011 to 9112028108 after registering at the site. For more details, see here

And please inform other citizens via ads, pamphlets etc. to send similar sms to their MP/MLA


Dear MP,

If you have received the internet link to this status via SMS from your voter, then it is order to you, to order PM to print the following DRAFT in Gazette.

== start of draft of the proposed TCP GN ===

The draft of proposed Transparent Complaint-Proposal Gazette Notification

1. [ order to Collector or his clerk ] The President hereby orders Collector that : if ANY citizen-voter in his district submits a Right to Information application or complaint against corruption or any affidavit to the Collector and requests to be put on the website of Prime Minister, the Collector or his designated clerk will issue a serial number and SCAN that affidavit along with voter ID number of the citizen onto the website of the Prime Minister for a fee of Rs 20 per page so that anyone can see the affidavit without logging-in.

2. [ order to Talati, Patwari, Village Officer or his clerk ] The President orders Patwari that :

(2.1) if ANY citizen-voter comes with voter ID, and specifies Yes-No on an RTI application, complaint or any affidavit submitted in clause-1, the Patwari will enter his Yes-No on the PM`s website with his voter-ID and give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee.

(2.2) The Patwari will also allow citizen to change his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee.

(2.3) The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder

(2.4) The Collector may create a system of sending SMS feedback to the voter

(2.5) The Collector may create a system of taking finger-print and picture of the voter and putting it on the receipt

(2.6) The PM may create a system where by citizens can register YES/NO via ATM using ATM-cards for a fee of 50 paise

(2.7) PM may add means to enable citizens to register YES/NO via SMS for 10 paise

3. [note to all Citizens, Officers, Ministers, judges]

(3.1) This TCP Gazette Notification is not a referendum procedure. The Yes-No count will not be a binding on PM, CMs, officers, judges etc. If over 37 crore citizen-voters register Yes on a given affidavit, then the PM may or need not take necessary action on the RTI application affidavit ; or the PM may or need not resign. PM`s decision will be final.

(3.2) Further, the Collector may design and propose a system to collect Yes-No in clause-2 over secured SMS, and implement that system after approval of PM.

==== end of the proposed GN ====

We summarize the TCP (Transparent Complaint Procedure) media portal law as -

1. If a citizen wants, he can visit Collector`s office and get his complete affidavit SCANNED onto PM`s website along with voter ID number of the citizen for Rs. 20 per page fee, so that it is visible to all without any need to log-in.

2. If a citizen wants to give his opinion on a previously filed affidavit., then he visits Talati`s (Lekhpal, Patwari, V.O. etc) office, registers his YES (Support) or NO (opposition) for the affidavit & displays it on PM`s website for Rs 3 fee along with voter ID number of the citizen. The cost of giving one opinion for the citizen will be 10 paise when the system comes on SMS. Citizen can change his opinion any day, making procedure immune to money-buyout, media power & gangster power.

3. The YES-No count is not a binding on PM etc.


How this simple procedure will save life of citizens, witnesses and whistle-blower activists ?

Let us say, in some area there happened a crime and citizen files a FIR regarding it or gives his witness statement and citizen gets copy of FIR, then it is very easy for a corrupt officer to form a nexus with criminals and suppress evidences/witness statements. This is because in present system, citizens cannot see their own filed FIR or application once they submit the same.

And in today`s system, criminals can easily threaten the witnesses; even the witnesses are many times killed. Because the criminals know that not many persons have access or knowledge to the proofs and witness statements. Criminals know that proofs can easily be suppressed by suppressing or killing the witness.

But if citizens have a citizen-verifiable optional procedure that they can show to the public their proofs, opinion etc. along with voter ID number ; then the police officer will see that these proofs can no longer be suppressed since lakhs-crores must have seen them. And criminals also will understand that the witness has shown his statement to the public - so there is no benefit of harming or killing the witness. In this way, the life of the witness will be saved.

Why Indian citizens need this law desperately ?

Biggest flaw in present Indian administration is that citizens do not have any citizen-verifiable method to put their clear-cut demand in a collective manner.

If PM or CM wants to put his views before public, then he can do it easily via media but if public wants to put their demands in front of the administration, then they are forced to use unorganized methods like Anshan-dharna, signature campaign, memorandum, blocking roadways, sloganeering etc. But all these methods do not generate any citizen-verifiable proof, meaning there is no proof of support or oppose counts for a specific issue which other citizens can themselves cross-verify. Since these methods are not citizen-verifiable, these methods are not reliable and citizens or officials cannot make any definite conclusions based on these.

In government sites like pgportal.gov.in, citizens have no option to display their complaints, opinions etc. along with their Voter ID number and due to this other citizens cannot know whether the complaint filer is a genuine person or fake. But in TCP procedure, the opinions of citizens will come along with their Voter ID number on PM website, so that any citizen themselves can take sample of the data of Voter ID numbers, obtain address of citizens, contact them and find whether the data is true or false.

Those who do not have internet, they will also be able this procedure by going to collector office or any other specified government office and get their application as affidavit scanned onto PM website. Because any person can change their opinion any time, this procedure is immune to money-buyout, media power or gangster power or any kind of manipulation. Since the procedure is citizen-verifiable, any citizen can himself/herself verify what is the truth, what is not.

With implementation of this procedure, proposals of citizens cannot be suppressed. This increases the possibility of other pro-common procedures to be implemented which will decrease poverty, corruption in few months